AECSS was established in Singapore to provide engineering solutions for the manufacturing industries. Despite our strengths in this field, establishing a foothold in the market proved a challenge as we competed with established and recognized players.

AECSS is always on the way to develop ground breaking technologies to improve the productivity of manufacturing process.


AECSS has offered services for worldwide customers who is engaged in different fields as below,




Energy /Medical /Precision engineering


The AECSS advantages

  1. Your one – stop solution
  2. Custom built design
  3. Economical solution
  4. Always there for you
  5. Our expertise in manufacturing
  6. Constantly evolving



Our organization committed to create a positive domino effect in the manufacturing industry and fulfilment of the customer demand.


To provide best quality and highest integrity engineering solutions to the customer with competitive market price.


We grow relationships that make a positive difference in customer business. We share a commitment to deliver our promises.