Customized Machine Development

We put our experience to work to create innovative designs for custom machinery, robotic integration, fixturing and equipment. Expertise in making Human operate custom machines CNC/PLC automated machines Robot integrated Automatic machines Material handling equipment and AGV Our unique track record of innovation and passion for excellence sets us apart as the world’s leader in

Construction And Facility Setup

Conceptual Layout Proposal Office Space Planning Auto-Cad Drawing Office Design and Consultancy Office Fit Out Works Office Interior Builder Works Office System Furniture Office Carpentry Joineries Office Acoustic Improvement Works Office Signcraft Works MEP Works including air-conditioning system ELV System Electrical and Fire Protection Works Other Office Related Solutions Industrial and Manufacturing including clean room

Metal Etching and EMI/RFI Shielding

Photo Chemical Etching EMI /RFI shielding Thin metal flat and formed parts Electrical contacts Fliter meshes and screens Washers ,shims and gaskets Surgical blades Encoder discs Lead frames Battery grids and spring contacts Some other thin precision metal components Tighter tolerances, better accuracies, finer features, thinner precision components is our trademark. Capable to do metals

Industry 4.0 & Engineering Services

We are providing engineering services for all manufacturing industry sectors specially in aerospace, mechanical, oil & gas, automotive, etc. We are also helping world leading manufacturing industries to set up their Industry 4.0 line by integrating the 3D printing, Robotic and automation, material handling equipment and also helping with digitalization and lean transformation. Our machines

Machining and Fabrication Services

CNC Machining services such us milling, turning, grinding, EDM, waterjet cutting, etc. Fabrication of fixtures, jigs, gages and tools Precision machining Structural works Customized metal fabrication works like cabinets, table, etc. Our components are produced in all grade of steels. Inhouse quality inspection using CMM, Optical inspection, Laser inspection tools to ensure the dimensional accuracy

Consumables Supply & Trading

Metal Cutting tools Abrasives Molding and Masks, Metal Stamping Creform Any materials & consumables Customized tools & Equipment Industrial Equipment & Tools “We are constantly evolving and adding our portfolio based on customer need and demand. So please reach out to us for your needs, our team is either source or make the items at